Air Conditioning Specialist

State of the art Panasonic Specialist Air Network is the reason Panasonic is right at the top of the tree when it comes to air conditioning systems for Gold Coast homes. With a stack of innovative features and functions to help keep you comfortable at home or at work, Panasonic is your number one choice. Members of the Panasonic Specialist Air Network are highly experienced with designing and installing air con solutions for a range of needs and situations, therefore you can feel confident knowing that your comfort is being handled by these top professionals.

Energy Efficiency

Panasonic utilities highly efficient R410A refrigerant, a DC inverter compressor and DC fan motor to deliver substantial energy savings, benefiting both the environment and your power bill.

Australian Temperatures

Cooling will work, even when it’s a scorching 42 degrees Celsius outside, and you can use the heating when its a freezing (-15 degrees Celsius) outside. No matter whether you live in Hobart of cairns, your Panasonic air conditioner will keep you comfortable.

5 Year Warranty

Were so confident in our air conditioner that we provide a 5-year parts and labour warrant even if they are used commercially, all day, everyday!

Superior Technology

– Demand Response ready
– Panasonic Inverter technology
– DC fan motor
– Incredibly quiet operation
– Compact indoor and outdoor design
– High static pressure allows flexible ducting design

Expert Advice – Free!

The Panasonic Specialist Air Network is a group of local air conditioning specialist who can provide advice, quotations and installation of the full range of air conditioning products for your home or commercial building

The Highest Standards Of Quality

Give yourself peace of mind knowing that you air conditioning system is being handled by an accredited and recognised Panasonic air conditioning specialist.